dreams of Ireland

August 23, 2008 at 5:18 pm (Uncategorized)

July & I wait tables at one of 6 restaurants in the entire County. The diner we work at is situated along a lonely highway 12 to 25 miles from the outlying towns. There is a population of 2 in the town we work in. Oh, and there is one bar in the county, so that makes 7 dining establishments in all.

We are both in our late 20’s (mine a little later than hers). We are both single gals that have dogs and large ranches that we rent. Neither one of us has yet to be in a “great relationship” but we both have handfuls of dates and dudes we chat and laugh about.

Yesterday as a cool breeze blew by the cafe, we talked of our Irish men. Marcus & Shameus. Marcus owns a local pub and Shameus is a rancher, both along the cliffs of Ireland. In our dream, July and I keep ourselves busy running the What Knot Shop. You know, it’s one of those great little shops that sells all sorts of stuff you don’t really need, but you save your spending money for. We sell homespun wool for knitting, sewing notions, trinkets and the like. There is always a bottle of wine ready to be cracked, and hidden statches of liquor for times that need them. Big plush red couches await the village ladies, who drop by an random times for comfort and friendship. On the weekends, we go out with our men and drink with the best of them at Marcus’s bar. It really is a great dream.

In the summers we fly back to the states to check on the ranches back here in Central Oregon. There are only a handful of eligiable bachelors here in the County, I think 3 to be exact, so it’s no wonder we ladies dream of these Irish men!

To Marcus & Shameus! We toast! Maybe one day we will shall meet!


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