Lightning Strikes

August 23, 2008 at 5:29 pm (Uncategorized)

It had been hot as hell here all week, and I suggested to James that we put the bed on the back porch for the night, so we could sleep under the stars and the cool night air. It was a great plan that morning, but as the afternoon came about a large storm had insued. Lighting & Thunder filled the sky that night. We turned off all the house lights, moved the couch to face the back windows, and set in for a night of lightning viewing. It was like no storm I had ever experienced, you don’t get power like that in Portland. Each set of strikes illuminated the sky, and as we hovered under the covered porch, and the rain poured down, it felt like just a matter of time before lightning struck James or I. Well, lightning did stike that night, James saw a fire pop up on one of the surrounding Rim Rocks. The blaze quickly grew, and I called it into 911. James & I hurriedly ran to the car with our 3 dogs in town. We were on our way to alert our neighbors of this newly developed fire. With the windsheild wipers flapping, the dark rain pouring down, and thunder all around, we sped up to the fire. Well, we couldn’t find the fire once we were up there. The hard rain had put it out in the matter of time it took us to drive our little road to the base of the Rim Rock Mountain. Thank god! We drove back down to the house, I canceled the fire call to 911, and the sky slowly cleared as the only drops left falling were those from heavy branches and our water soaked awnings. That night there were 200 fires started by strikes in all. It kept the local firemen busy for the next week. A larger fire had broken out a few miles up from our place, and the next few mornings, I watched as a caravan of 9 fire trucks drove up to it each day. We are lucky to have such dedicated firefighters in the area, and it’s great that a lot of them like to dine at the restaurant I work in, so we always have a first hand report of the troublesome fires a blaze.


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