tuesday trips to town

September 3, 2008 at 1:02 am (Uncategorized)

On Tuesdays, one of my regular days off, I usually find myself driving the 26 miles into Fossil, population 430. Today was no exception. Fossil is one of those perfect little sleepy towns, complete with a mainstreet that exists in little old buidlings. I bought a few groceries at the Merchantile, made a bank deposit, put some gas in my car, and dropped in the liquor store for another 1/5 of Irish Cream, as I have come to refuse to drink my morning coffee without it. As I walked into the Liquor/Hardware store, one of my favorite local Sherifs greeted me with “Hey Trouble, you aren’t cooking today?” The Sherif Deputies where in the restaurant the other night, while I was training on the grill. And they had complemented me on my cookin’, like I’ve said whether or not someone likes yer cookin’ it’s always nice when they tell ya they do!

I came back home, took one of those perfect afternoon naps with the dogs in my bed. Made some iced tea, then took another one of those perfect naps with the dogs on the back porch. There is nothing in the world like laying on a chase lounge chair with 3 dogs, kisses on the nose, and a big bright blue sky above ya. Sometimes I can’t believe I am really here, and am thankful for being so fortunate. Just as we were dozing back off, a buck came busting through the side field. He stood there for a long few moments and stared back at us, then continued on his way. I am gald to see him back. Archery hunting season just started this past weekend, (so there have been eager hunters all over the place) and I had been wondering about my little family of deer. As soon as he left off, I heard this pathetic little whimpering from the brush. It was of course, Marbles. In the craziest cat lady voice I could muster, I started saying, “Maaarrrbleees, Maaarrrrbllleeees!” While gingerly luring him to the house with some Meow Mix in a little bowl. Well I finally did catch the little guy and I am glad to have him back. Once the 2 kitties get their shots and fixed tomorrow, then they will be more than welcome to have free range of the house & ranch outside.

I regret to say the sun is starting to set, and it will be a whole week before I get another Tuesday to myself! There are always fun times at the restaurant, but there is nothing like a whole open Tuesday out in the country!


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  1. xmas said,

    sounds like good 4 legged company

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