hold the fries, just give me a side of camels

September 6, 2008 at 6:52 pm (Uncategorized)

“I need a double Marlboro with cheese, a side of Camels, 2 packs of Wintons and a Virgina Slim for dessert.” That’s the order I called out to July yesterday. On most days she does the cookin’, and I do the waitin’. We are quite a team at that little dinner. Yesterday, our Western Burger Special had a few folks talkin’ and then we started offering a side of deep fried green beans, so now everyone’s talking.

July and I decided we needed one last big blow out / smoke out before our grand finale (which is our double date next week at Monument), before we can offically quit smoking, ya know, for good. And since it’s hunting season out here in Wheeler County, which to some means it’s time to get the bow and arrow out and shoot bucks, but to us 2 single gals, it means there are all sorts of men in town for us to hunt. Last night we ended up at our favorite bar in the county, which is also the only bar in the county, and it wasn’t long before we were playing pool and drinking with 2 outta town nice 6 point guys, complete with a side of Old Golds & Marlboro Ultra Lights for the ladies.

Yep, another unexpected double date night for Miss July and I. As last Friday night we entertained a couple of outta town hunters on my big ol’ back patio. I have to say, I do like hunting season.


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