domesticated bliss in the desert

September 19, 2008 at 4:06 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

James came back on Saturday. He just showed up, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got home from the diner that night. I am going against the advice of some friends and family for taking the man back, but I could not resist his lovely pleading. My friends and family just don’t want to see my heart broken again, (as my heart took a beating when he left me with nothing but a note, after that whole deer in the pantry incident) but I am a tough cookie, and my gut tells me to give it another shot. 

He assures me he was miserable without me, and wants to come back for good. We are giving it a second try, as I don’t think either one of us has anything to loose, and only more to gain. It’s nice having a man around this house, especially a fun one, who likes to fix things. He has been working like crazy on fixing the drip system in the orchard, sealing up places where we are loosing water pressure from the pump, and James is even going to redo the entire plumbing system under the house. Something about putting in a manifold and running all new PEX pipe to the kitchen & bathroom.

He came back to stay with me after just getting back off that Oil Rig in New Zealand, and has to depart in only 2 weeks. Usually he gets 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, but something about some additional training seminars & such. Distance does seem to make the heart grow fonder. I do have to say I really like the set up. The great company of a boyfriend for a month on, then a whole open world for a month off. This big ol’ house can really be appreicated when a gal is all by herself in it. The feeling of being here all alone is what drives me to write, although there is something very romantic about it all, that I wouldn’t trade for the world. And at the same time it is great to eat breakfast with a man on the back porch, talk to him about my days at work when I get home in the evenings and share a bed with him & 3 dogs on the dark nights out here in the desert.

At the moment, I am sitting here in this ol’ house alone (well, I do have 3 dogs & 2 cats running about), but I am the only human for the time being. Mr. James drove all the way into Bend for a ‘trip to town’ of his own, the Mr. is picking up a new washer dryer set for us at the house. No how in the hell can a gal complain about taht!?! And how can a guy complain about a gal who is waiting for his arrival with a piece of her very special homemade strawberry shortcake from her shift at the restaurant today.


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  1. xmas said,

    aaahhhh, that’s why you don’t have time for email replies ; )

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