my new cowboy boots

September 19, 2008 at 3:44 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

I got me the cutest, most comfortable darn pair of cowboy boots on our trip to town this past week. I don’t want to take the damn things off, and infact sometimes I don’t, as I still need help getting the tight suckers on and off my feet. They are tan and tall, with white and orangey embroidery. I put them on the top of my shopping list after being cornered by a rattlesnake on the property while wearing slip on mary jane style Dansko shoes last week. Too much unprotected leg available for a damn rattlessnake to hit in regular shoes, so I now stomp around in my boots, squishing bugs & spiders in the house, and safely tromping through the weeds outside.

July & I did one heck of a shopping trip this past Monday. We hit all the necessary stops; Bi-Mart for cheap & simple bookshelves, trashcans (good for storing things like dog food), and tupperwear to protect my fabric from cat & mouse pee; Bend for one heck of an awesome Indian Buffett Lunch; Old Navy for new skirts, pants, and tops to wear at the cafe; a Western Clothing Store for my new boots, the Lucky Horseshoe Bar in Prineville for a few necessary after shopping drinks, and a mini-mart to pick up trail food for that long 1.5 hour drive back home.

The trip plain wore us out. Just being in the supermarket was overwhelming, along with traffic, hot pavement, and a bunch of people in a hurry to do a bunch of things. Out here in the sticks it’s customary to wave a hello at every oncoming driver, and that’s what I do. You don’t see a whole lotta folks on the roads out here, and everyone is pretty happy when then do, so they all wave, in a way where you assume you even know each other. You get too many people crammed into a city, and by golly you just want to run each other over!

Here’s to new cowboy boots and lonely desert highways back home.


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