junk shoppin’ in the desert

September 24, 2008 at 2:45 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

I will tell ya, there is some of the best junk & antique shoppin’ out here that I have ever come across. Just on our property alone, there is all sorts of neat and useful stuff. One morning James and I went exploring on the top 550 acres, and found piles and piles of useful materials; corrugated aluminum roofing, piles of usable building wood like 2×4’s & posts, two old toilets, an old chimney, a couple of old cast iron stoves, and my favorite treasure, a big tall black plastic owl with big creepy yellow eyes that we brought down to the house to use as a scarecrow.

Yesterday we went treaking around and brought down a big bale of fence and a few sheets of metal roofing to get the goat house underway. There is also a dilapidated greenhouse, and when I say dilapidated, I mean it’s all in pieces on the ground, but one could easily reconstruct it, it seems. There is also an on Hesston Tractor that James wonders if he might have time to restore. It’s hard to decide what you want to use and explore first, the ol’ chicken coop, the decrepted camper, or the big ol’ slating barn. All of these things hold so much potential and at the same time are just appreicated the way they are.

And as far as fancy antiques go, I got a handful of those just a few weekends ago when one of the local towns had a big anual garage sale. I got these super fancy glass snowflake dishes, and an astray straight outta Hollywood, all at $1 a piece. I also bought a couple of horseshoes someone welded into wall hangers, just right for bath towels to dry on. And I can’t leave out the fancy gold leaf wall decor pieces or the cast iron flowery pot holders I picked up for a song.


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  1. xmas said,

    just in time for decorating for Halloween!

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