October 12, 2008 at 6:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I got me some GOATS. I am not sure where I got the idea that I needed goats, but I got my heart set on it, asked around a bit, and by golly, just over a week ago, two goats were dropped off at my place. James built them a little goat haus before departing back to the rig, and last Friday night while I was working at the diner, some friends of a neighbor dropped off two goats at our place. I raced home that rainy night after work, and with a flashlight in my hand, and my trusty hound dog, Lucky, by my side, I ventured down the weedy hill to meet my new goats. I appropriately named them Whiskey & Penny (short for Penelope), one rambunctious male, and one cute trouble causing female.

For the first few days, I kept them in their house, and fed them fresh apples from the orchard, alfalfa pellets, various veggies, and salad greens (thanks to the neighbor who dropped off those greens!) For the most part, the orchard area is fenced in, there are a few small holes, but it’s really a large size acre or two full of weeds and apple trees. On day 3 of being a goat owner, I decided to let Whiskey and Penny roam around the orchard. They stuck pretty close by me for the first hour, but then Whiskey head butted himself through a hole in the gate, and Penny followed behind. The two of them trotted over by the ol’ barn. Again, they were still pretty close by, and they almost followed me into my house at one point. Whiskey and Peeny then continued to walk along the fenceline on the side acreage. I brought out a dog leash and a couple of dog collars, and as I unsuccessfully tried to get close and leash one of them, a neighbor drove by, and said, “When’d ya get the goats?”

“Oh, just the other day” I remarked, as the goats stood on one side of a barbed wire fence, and I stood on the other side along the road. To my neighbor and anyone else happening by, it really looked like I knew what I was doing, as the goats were on the “fenced in side” and I was just “checking on ’em” ya know.

Well, again, they busted off in another direction, back down by the house, and across the road, where again there was no fence, and this time they were off! Up into the upper 550 acres and into the hills. What was a gal to do at this point? I figured there was nothing I could do but wait. I assumed they would come back down at dark, and head for their house. Well, I was wrong.

I get a call about an hour later. “Is this the gal who waits tables down at the restaurant?”


“Is this the same gal who recently got 2 goats?”


“Do you know where your goats are right now?”

“Um…   no, I don’t.”

“Well, they are up here at a hunting camp. We are doing our best to catch them for ya, but we are having a hard time.”

Luckily for me, my super heroine friend, July, was on her way over to my place to drink a few beers and stay the night. Again, I say luckily for me.

I told the guy on the phone, I would be up there in the next hour with a friend and her truck, and we’d our best to pick up MY goats. I love how these wild obnoxious creatures, are now officially MY Goats, ya know, I took them off someone else’s hands, and 4 days ago, they would have been someone else’s problem, but now they were officially my problem. Gotta luv that!

July and I go roaring up a dark desert dirt road in her big ol’ Chevy. We arrive at this nice cabin up above, and there are my goats, cowering in a corner of these people’s back deck. A hunter shines his flashlight on the outlaw animals for us, as we try to lure them to us. The hunter is the very same guy who brought these goats out from St. Helens for me, (I tell ya, my luck, the goats run away off into never never land, and show up at the feet of the guy who transported out to the high desert for me). The second we move in close with apples and corn on the cob, they go jumping off the deck and run around their house. This game continues for a bit, but then it’s Miss July to the rescue! She does a lasso thing, and ropes Whiskey on the horns. I have never seen a gal wrestle something they way she did, and thank goodness she was able to. With the help of the hunters up there, we got Whiskey tied down in the back of her truck, and as soon as he was in, Penny hopped in right by his side. July & I then took MY goats back home.

It’s been about 5 days since their renegade adventure, and July suggested I just keep them in their house for a bit, until James gets back in a couple weeks, and we are able to repair and reinforce the fence. She also suggested I hand feed them everyday, talk to them nicely, and try to establish a relationship. I am trying, but Mr. Whiskey head butted the chain link door against my gut this morning, so we aren’t quite establishing the relationship I was hoping for as of yet!

I think in a few weeks though, we will get into a routine, where Whiskey and Penny roam in the pastures, eat all my weeds (main reason i got ’em), drink from the creek, and bed down in the straw in their little house at night. I look forward to that routine, and I am sure they do too!


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