i think the goats just ate my trip to Mexico

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You are looking at a picture of my Fiesta ala Mexico trip, complete with warm sandy beaches, margaritas, lots of dancing to techno & 80’s music, a couple of hangovers, a slight sunburn, with a little bit of snorkling thrown in. These two darn goats (who I am honestly learning to love), I figure will cost me more than a trip across the border in just the next 6 months of care alone. They are kinda spendy on a waitress’s salary, I wasn’t really figuring all that in, when I decided, I WANT GOATS! All I knew was that I heard they would do a bang up job of eating weeds, and would have a little bit of a curious trouble making side to them, so helles belles, I had to get me a pair!

Just before James went back to the Oil Rig, he constructed a nice little goat house for Whiskey & Penny, who got dropped off a day after James had to depart, so I have been introducing him to “his” (I can’t be burdened alone) new animals via email. They were “free” so to speak. A neighbor of mine asked around for me, and a buddy of his had a friend outside of Portland that was looking to get rid of his goats (I no longer wonder why – kidding!), they arranged to bring them out at the start of hunting season, and he seemed happy to have $60 in gas money, since they were making the drive across the Cascades anyway. Okay, $60 in the hole ain’t bad, cheaper then a weedeater (I thought!), and James built their entire Goat Palace with materials he found on our property, so again, looking good. The real costs come in with the feed, these boogers eat a lot, and since I still don’t have all the fence mended (James offers to help when he gets back in a week, thank goodness), I have been keeping them in their palace, and tying them to tires when I am home and able to SUPERVISE. And when I mean supervise goats on 20ft leases tied to tires, I don’t mean sit back and drink a cup of coffee from the back porch. Instead, you need to constantly un-tangle them from trees and each other, reposition the tires to prevent more tangling, and watch as your poor hound dog, Lucky, gets head butted by those big horns on Mr. Whiskey. Oh, and there is also the challenge of getting their leashes attached & unattached, as these little boogers don’t really like the leashes.

Oh, I should mention the other costs before I forget, well, there is straw bedding (it has to be changed daily as these animals poop constanly, even while they are eating, and they pee like horses!), a salt lick, paying a vet or someone skilled to trim their hoofs, deworming & other medical treatments, and the most expensive unforseen cost of all is the cost to pay someone to look after them if you go out of town.

So I can’t go to Mexico, oh well. Boo, hoo, cry me a river. Well, anyhow, it looks like get to go to Austraila instead. James has a training in Sydney this coming Thanksgiving, that he wants to attend for his Oil Rig Job, and since his company is paying for his flight, room & board, he has graciously offered to pay for mine, as we all know I can’t freaking afford it. The training is during the week of Thanksgiving, and I already got the go-a-head to miss a little work, so we are just waiting for official approval from the main Rig Boss. And if it doesn’t pan out in time, then we get to go in March. Either trip will be graciously appreciated, as we will have winter weather here at the ranch in November or March, which means night low temps around 10*F, and it will be sunny summer weater downunder.



  1. v and co said,

    oh man! just reading that made me remember how much i hate those damn animals! i’m sorry about you getting sucked into thinking having them would be a good idea…i’ve got stories upon stories of why you should never have goats…

  2. miss xmas said,

    I am nominating this for “best blog entry” !

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