ThAnKfUl fOr ThAnKsGiViNg

December 2, 2008 at 3:01 am (Uncategorized)

I snuck into Portland for a few days over the ThanksGiving Holiday. gnome1I did a bit of stitching and bitching with my sister Bridget, and finally put the last pieces on a baby blanket a whole bunch of baby-quiltus made for Chrissy & Yani’s Baby Rose. Roughly 30 different gals & guys each created a wool felt square or two for the Woodsy Animal Themed  Baby Blanket. It was a really fun project, a good majority of the squares were created by party guests at Chrissy’s baby shower, but a lot of squares also fox-and-mushroomcame via mail from friends and family around the county. The hardest part was sitting myself down to finally get all of squares stitched together, thank goodness for Thanksgiving Holidays that provide sewing time! 

I also snuck into Ladd’s, my old watering hole for a few margaritas and pints of IPA. It was like I’d never left, and I mean that in the best of ways, it’s so cool to be able to drop in somewhere and be treated like an ol’ friend who still lives next door.

A lot of people I bumped into while I ate and drank myself around Portland, (thankgoodness for such great restaurants & bars all in one city!) asked me how I was doing, and wanted to know if I still liked it out here. It was hard to answer, and I usually just casually mentioned how I am still adjusting to the darkness that sets in at 5pm in the winter, I mean we are seeing stars out here, and well, the critters in this house still startle me quite a bit! But what I really felt in my heart was that my I feel like my life had been on hold those last few years in Portland, and well now, I truly feel like I am living like I was meant to. There seems to be an adventure I never expected pop up just about every day, and geeze, I think I live in the prettiest place in the world. I really need to take my camera with me to capture some of the frosty pink mornings and lavendar sunsets.  

I am having a blast getting to know all of the people who make up the population of 160 people who have entrusted me to help run their City Hall, the plight of a City Recorder! I live in a house with five really great animals, I love them all so dearly! And I am getting to experience all of the pleasure and I have to admit some pain (oh those lovers quarrels are just so great, aren’t they!) that goes into starting a realtionship and moving in with a man on a whim. 

The beau and I had a great time in Bend last night. He had to be on a 1pm flight out of Medford today, so we decided to stay the night in Bend so he’d be half way to his departure point this morning, and I just zipped back the 2 hours thorugh the Ochoco’s & RimRock to arrive at City Hall, ready to work just before 9am. And I have to say thanks to the Mr. for treating the dogs & I to such a great vacation rental, a soak in the Turkish Pool at McMenamins & a glass of Rubinator, and for sharing a pitcher of margaritas wiht me while devoured fajitas at La Jimador on Wall Street. Trips to town, wow, while filled with alcohol & fatty food, are still very necessary to one’s survival. 

So many things to be Thankful for… a cuddly cozy boyfriend…. sweet loving dogs…. cute and wild kitties…..great views….. the occasional bowl of Pho….. margaritas…… a loving mom….. a super creative sisiter…..a sensible father…..a job where I work with honest and hardworking people…. and great extended family & friends


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