gal with 750 acres goes to print!

December 2, 2008 at 1:59 am (Uncategorized)


Yeah! Below is the bio I wrote for a Central Oregon Newspaper, The Horsefly, published locally in Prineville and distributed throughout Central Oregon. A very sweet friend suggested I submit and article, and a very nice editor/publisher decided to give me a try. I rewrote the winterizing adventure in the last blog post, and that is what will be published in Print this week.

184Gal with 750 acres.  Sometimes you might laugh with her, and other times, well, she’d understand if you laughed at her! She is the gal who moved out from the city and is giving the country life a try by jumping in head first and renting an ol’ homestead. Her country home is composed of 750 acres of juniper & sagebrush, a year round creek, an ol’ farmhouse, an ol’ barn, and a small fruit tree orchard. She brought her two little chihuahuas (also known as owl bait) with her, and along the way she acquired a boyfriend, a hound dog, two kitty cats (great mousers!), and a few tails of goat owner woes. She secured a job waiting tables and baking pies at a little diner along a desert highway, and she also works part time as a city clerk for a small Central Oregon town. This gal loves sewing & crafting, and she hopes to include craft ideas and the occasional recipe for you to consider trying. She hopes you will enjoy reading of her small time adventures, and thanks you for letting her be a part of this wonderful community!




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  1. miss xmas said,

    Portland’s loss is their gain…

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