a Marbles impostor!?!

December 8, 2008 at 9:49 pm (Uncategorized)

I finally figured out what is going on with Marbles, as sometimes he ioctober-on-ranch-051s very sweet, and other times just a down right a little terror. Well, the other morning when I had just let the cats out, I saw a little black & grey striped body running through the weeds in the orchard, I then turned around and saw Marbles’s black and grey body still perched on the porch impatiently awaiting his morning kibble, turned around again, and caught another glimpse of this other Marbles look a like running down towards the creek. So I know believe there are two “Marbles”, and it’s seems to be the luck of the draw on whether I get the angel kitty curled up on my bed, or the evil little kitty stalking and antagonizing my other animals through the night!


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  1. In Other Words said,

    Hi Andrea-
    Sorry I had to track you down on your blog but I have consignment checks to mail to you! You can contact me at consign@inotherwords.org. Thanks!

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