waiting at the cafe

December 8, 2008 at 8:52 pm (Uncategorized)

I worked this past weekend waiting tables and “backseat cooking” with July at the cafe. The owners were out of town, so I filled in at the retaurant for a weekend. It was a pretty chilly weekend, temps weren’t making it too far above the 30’s, and inside the diner wasn’t much warmer. There was truly one warm seat in the house, and that was at the table in the corner, next to the gas light fire place, where the heat was so intense your pant legs just about caught on fire. July & I set up shop and crafted & knitted at this table when it was free from patrons.

It was a really slow weekend, so slow business wise, that we made the best of it stiching & bitching, and hoping customers wouldn’t come in and interrupt our creative process, but that was not the case. While it was slow it wasn’t quite dead, as a car or two would pull up on occasion for a slow quiet meal in the little slow and quiet cafe.

Even though I am a bit tired today as I work at City Hall today, day 8 of this current 11 day work week,  I am glad to have put in the extra time at the cafe, and I will keep those fond memories of us stitching in the corner by a faux fire, talking boys, talking crafts, and talking dirt.


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