December 11, 2008 at 7:10 pm (The Most Wild Adventures) (, , , , )

In the past yesterday or two, a few neat things took place. A few renegade runaway cows are back. When I took the dogs out to go potty 2 nights ago, I saw big large bovine staring back at us in our front yard. The rancher is dropping off food for them, and plans to pick them up in a few days. Here they are in our side pasture: our-new-cows-for-the-week

I finanlly brought my camera to work yesterday too, here are 2 bald eagles sitting in a tree overlooking the John Day River:


Then I took a picture of my desk at City Hall:


Here is a pic of the John Day River on my drive home from work:


I saw this really neat idea out here, when I was up at the Ranch up the way where a lady runs a neat little handmade giftshop full of locally made items. She makes these wreaths out of barb wire, so I immediately had to go home and try and make some myself. Here is a picture of Marbles helping me:


And here is a finished project. Everything that makes up this wreath was found on my property, within footsteps of my front door. The only things I added that were not “found” are the little birdies I made out of felt:


Aaaahh. A Pink Sunset welcoming an almost full moon after a full day:


Full Moon Rising:



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