Spaghetti ala Snow

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Spaghetti ala Snow

A recipe for those who have frozen pipes or a frozen water pump in below freezing temps


1. Step outside where the temp is 5*F.

2. Fill up a pot of snow and quickly run back inside to melt it on the stovetop. You might want to turn the oven on to help warm up the kitchen, wheter or not you bake anything, it will make it more enjoyable to be cooking the spaghetti in there if it’s a tab bit warmer.

3. I went ahead and mixed up a batch of Jiffy Cornmuffins, heck the oven was one, might as well use it!

4. You will have to repeat step 1 at least 3 or 4 times, as the volume of water you get per pot of snow is not much!

5. Once the  melted snow water is boiling, add the spaghetti.

6. Saute a large sliced clove of elephant garlic over low heat with olive oil in another little pan

7. As the garlic softens, add pecans & small cubes of cheese, I used havarti (yum)

8. Add whatever veggies you have in the fridge to the boiling noodles, just before the noodles are soft enough to be done. I chose broccoli, which I cooked with the noodles for a few minutes.

9. Drain the noodles & broccoli (avoid using a strainer, as that is one more dish to clean without running water!) I just drained the pot using a fork.

10. Mix garlic, pecans, melted cheese, sea salt & pepper into the pot with noodles & broccoli.

11. Serve on a paper plate (remember, avoid using dishes you will have to wash!). Don’t forget to pull your muffins out of the oven & top them off with a pat of butter.

12. Enjoy, as 3 dogs hover around and watch you eat, while they lick their chops wishing they were eating what you are eating.



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  1. miss xmas said,

    sounds tasty and those winter wonderland photos of yours make me want to ask – have any guest rooms available? I’ll bring a heating-blanket. Stay warm & cozy with your furry friends.

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