berry good oatmeal in a snowstorm

December 19, 2008 at 6:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Our snow covered trees look like they are blooming! A few apple trees:apple-trees-blooming

Below are unidentified trees in the front yard. If you squint you can imagine cherry blossoms!


It’s still snowing! We must have acquired a foot of snow by now. Last time I measured we were at 8 inches, and that was yesterday, and many hours of snow ago. The temps yesterday briefly reached above freezing, to about 36* and our lovely pump unfroze. Shower time! Washing dishes time! Filling up 7 gallons of water to have on hand time! Most folks out here leave their faucets dripping a small stream of water to prevent freezing pipes, well, when I leave our faucet with a little trickle, the darn pump clicks on and off every 70 seconds, and that’s a lot of “bam bam” every hour of every day. Even when the weather is ideal, we usually don’t leave our pump on for extended periods of time, as it will just run and run. At some point in history, someone who lived here bypassed the water pressure tank, so if you open up a faucet, the pump instantly clicks on. I explain all of this because, yesterday I did use the precious water for a few hours, but had to again shut the pump & water heater off, bled out the lines, and will have to wait for temps to rise above freezing again to resume life as normal, or at least life with a hot shower & a flushing toilet! According to the forecast I only have to wait about 5 more days to thaw out the pump again. Nice! Then who the heck knows what January will be like. I can say Mr. James & I will be doing our best to install a new water tank for our poor little hard working pump, to try and prevent this situation from occurring to little ol’ Andrea again!

I just had some berry berry good oatmeal! What a perfect example of “one pot cooking”, the true way to survive a snowstorm without water, is only using one pot and paper plates of course. I am technically snowed in. Theoretically, I could chain up the Honda and wind down our little snow covered road 4 miles to the main snow covered hwy, then drive another 20 miles to town to buy things. Or I can enjoy the simple treasures I have hidden away in my freezer, like froze wild blueberries and frozen blackberries. And upon scroing the cupboards, I find pecans and honey, perfect compliments to a bowl (or paper plate) of oatmeal!


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