Blueberry Pie for a White Christmas

December 28, 2008 at 2:16 am (Uncategorized)


It was Christmas Eve, and there I was typing away at City Hall. The roads & highways between Eastern Oregon & Portland were too icy and covered in snow to make the trip home for the Holiday. James was away on the Oil Rig, not due to return until New Years Day. I decided I would spend Christmas Day Alone. Well, I wouldn’t be totally alone. My best little buddies, 3 dogs and 2 cats would sit with me while I looked out the windows at the surrounding snow covered rim rock.



And then there were the cows that have been roaming around outside my house this past week, they would provide some company. And I can’t forget to mention all the birds that fly between the trees at the house, and the deer, they would certainly be stopping by.

So, spending Christmas Day Alone didn’t sound so bad. On my lunch break at work, I stopped by the local market and picked up a few supplies for green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and a variety of 3 homemade pies I planned to make throughout the weekend. If I was going to be snowed in alone, I would at least like to be eating well!

Well, that afternoon, I got a phone call from July. And this lovely lady was inviting me to her family’s ranch for Christmas Dinner. Would I like to go? YOU BET! And then later that evening, a wonderful gal who lives up the road from me called to check on me, and offered me a seat at their Christmas Dinner, so I wouldn’t be alone. These two offers were the best gifts I received this season, they truly touched my heart.

I spent Christmas Eve in a house without running water, as the water had not been running for going on 10 days. The mayor had been kind enough to drop off 3 gallons of artisan water for me, and I had found away to melt snow  more efficiently. I started filling LARGE Tupperware containers with snow, setting them near the woodstove and letting the snow melt away into water, much less energy than melting it in a little pot on the stove top.

On Christmas Morning I baked a blueberry pie to take with me to July’s. I had a sponge bath, not as neat as it sounds, and I shoveled more snow off the back deck, and what I was able to reach on the roof.

July’s boyfriend picked me up in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, as there was 6 inches of fresh new snow on the road, and they don’t plow the road by my house too often. We cruised along, over the Ice and Snow Covered John Day River, up the steep grade, and over the rim rock mountains to July’s parents ranch. What a gorgeous place! A really nice log home her father built, amazing home cooked food spread out on the dining room table and overflowing to surrounding coffee tables, and wonderful company and conversation. And then to top it off, July invited me and the dogs to stay the night at her place. That was one heck of a car ride. An hour in the snow, with 3 people and six dogs in a Subaru Wagon, but what a special night it was.


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