a high desert winter expedition

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It feels SO good to be home! James & I just got back from a 4 day / 3 night trek around Southeast & Central Oregon. Mr. James is ready to buy a house. He has saved up a nice down payment, and is more than ready to spend it. We just can’t find the right place to spend it on. Our Rim Rock Rental is pretty damn amazing, and especially hard to beat. There are only 1,500 residents in the county we live in, and only 842 homes in the entire COUNTY! Does not leave much to choose from in the way of neat homes with acerage. Sure there are some cheap older homes crammed into town, but we want some space. We want a nice place to garden, James wants to grow grapes, and we don’t want to give up having breakfast on the back patio in our underwear, and we plan to fight tooth and nail to keep some of these simple luxuries.

We forgot to bring a camera along on our last adventure, but I have downloaded some pix of the places we visited and homes for sale.

Thursday:  We drove down to Chiloquin and staid at a super awesome B&B. This place was exactly what comes to mind when someone daydreams about a Bed & Breakfast. Our hosts were a wonderful couple who have been working hard to restore this treasure of a home to it’s original condition, and plan to eventually list it with the National Registar of Historic Homes. http://raginranch.com/index.html


Oh, and for breakfast they whipped up homemade buttermilk pancakes, crispy bacon, and farm fresh eggs that were yummy, yummy, yummy. The B&B is also dog friendly!

Here is one home we really liked that is for sale in Keno, Oregon. Only problem was it wasn’t quite rural enough, felt crammed into a sprawling community, but it was a gorgeous home: http://www.klamath-falls-real-estate.com/myhomedtl.asp?homeid=768209


Friday afternoon we drove over to Lakeview and had the WoRsT dinner ever at this Mexican Restaruant, it will go unamned, but I believe it’s the only Mexican Restaurant in town. James described the meat in his burrito as Grilled Cow Tumor. I tried to play it safe with Grilled Veggie Fajitas, but we both ended up paying the price of indegestion, and James suffered a serious case of heartburn.

And while I continue to add notches to my belt for hotsprings visited in the State of Oregon, I know i will NOT be back to Hunters Hot Springs. http://www.huntersresort.com/


I am sure it had it’s day, but it not worth visit these days. The rooms were pertty dingy, while the King Sized Bed was HUGE, the rooms had that dirty feel, and you expect a bit more for $80.00/night. The changing room for the hot spring pool, made me want to vomit. The smell of mildew, molds, and flith, combined with a tummy food of bad Mexican Food is NOT a good combination. Hunter Hot Springs is For Sale, and it’s pretty appareant the current owner has decided to let the place go. I will stay the staff is very friendly.

Our quick improteu ski trip at Warner Ski Hill outside of Lakeview turned into a mini-diaster: http://lakecountychamber.org/skihill.html


 The little Non-Profit Resort is pretty cool. James & I just had a heck of a time that afternoon, and didn’t end up getting to ski. He couldn’t find the ski rental place, which was down some alley in Lakeview behind a house, but managed to find a bar while I waited at the resort for him to join me. He was sipping on beers assuming I was having a dandy time snowboarding, while I sat waiting for Mr. Right to show up and join me at the lodge. A little mistunderstanding turned into a bit of an unhappy afternoon. Oh well.

On to happier events. Summer Lake Hot Springs never disappoints. The hot springs pool is located in an old barn, with cute barnstall changing rooms, and old wood covered in etched in names of visitors past. http://www.summerlakehotsprings.com/


That afternoon we drove way the heck out into the boonies to look at this place for sale: http://www.realtor.com/realestate/summer+lake-or-97640-1086782563/ Now this is a REMOTE one room cabin. Take a right in Summer Lake and Drive and Drive through the dirt and sagebrush. I have been in this area in the summer and they get some mighty hot dry & dusty winds. Also we wonder what happens to portions of the access road in the rain, as parts of the road seem to be in lake beds. My vote = NO. Too small, too remote, don’t think there was even water to the cabin, and the Artisan Well was pumping out what tasted like sulphuric water. summer-lake-thousand-springs

 Then we headed up and over yonder to my favorite restaurant in the entire world, The Cowboy Dinner Tree. I think this restaurant just topped the list for James as well.  http://cowboydinnertree.net/

Cowboy Dinner Tree MENU
The true Cowboy Cut
26 – 30 oz. Top Sirloin Steak
1 Whole Chicken
Homemade Hearty Soup – served piping hot
Refreshing Saladcomplimented by our special
recipe Honey Mustard or Ranch Dressing
Baked Potato and Homemade Dinner Rolls
Top it off with one of our Homemade Desserts
Coffee, Iced Tea or Pink Lemonade offered with dinner
$23.50 Per Person
Children’s prices available
upon request.
Please No Splitting Dinners
20% Gratuity added to groups of 15 or more
Reservations Required,
(place your order(s) when you call)
No Credit Cards – No Electricity – No Kidding

I went with the WHOLE Chicken, and James attempted to eat his 30.oz steak, he barely got through 1/2 of it that night. This place is just an amazing experience in itself. Totally worth the trip. I am guessing it’s around 1.5 hour drive from Bend. They also have these awesome cabins available. James & I staid in an old fashioned little cabin that made you feel like you were living 100 years ago. Furnished with logs, old quilts, and a teny tiny bathroom.

Then we went on a bit of a wild goose chase to find this high end rustic cabin for sale. After further reading of the fine print, we discovered the cabin & septic aren’t even permitted for the place, it’s got a restricted use, so the property owner of the 40 acres is not allowed to cut down any timber, and the forset service road used to access the cabin while not even permitted , is also covered in snow, and not plowed in the winters, so access to the cabin would involve snowshoes.



Back to Home Sweet Home. Cozy Wood Stove. Great Private Views. Wild Turkeys roaming around the orchard, herds of deer coming down to snack in the afternoons, and a house full of cats and dogs.  James will continue to look for a nice piece of real estate, but it will be hard to find anything better than what we have got right now.


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