turning 30…

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Pictured above are a few Valentines I made yesterday with a grouop of wonderful ladies yesterday morning. Every so often they hold a crafting class, and this month we are making Valentines. At first I was hesitant on signing up for this series, and James is home for the month, and we have been getting outta town on the weekends, or should I say “going into town” on the weekends, and then of the two Fridays that make up the class, the 2nd Friday to come is my 30th Birthday! You always want to do something sorta special for your birthday, usually I take myself out to lunch, then meet with Mom & Sis and girlfriends for dinner & drinks in the evening. I had invisioned sleeping in with the dogs. Being super extra lazy. Drinking large cups of coffee & Irish Cream, then Mom & Sis are due to drive over the what my mom refers to as “La Cucha Rancha” and join me for weekend, we I officially become old!

The crafty class ladies insisted I join them on my birthday, and they all joked about “remembering turning 30” as one gal had turned 30, 33 years ago. I honestly look forward to turning 30. I will have a table full of wonderful ladies and all sorts of neat colored paper and valentines to fill up my morning. Then I might treat myself to a special lunch, but seeing as there aren’t any really great restaurants for 100 miles, that specal lunch will mostly likely be whipped up in my kitchen. Then I will await the arrival of two of my most favorite ladies, my Mom & Sis, with a glass of champange in one hand, and a sewing needle and thread in the other.

Oh, have I ever been sewing! Just yesterday I made a special trip to the Fossil Merchantile, only the best store ever! Where else can you buy some wonderful quilting cottons, Painted Hills Ground Beef, and a gallon of milk, and oh yeah, also buy a handmade qulit hanging from the ceiling? I picked out 10 wonderful pink/red & yellow/brown flowerly vintage style cottons, a couple pounds of ground beef, bag of mashed potatoes, and ran across the street to my other favorite store, Fossil Hardware, for a couple bottles of rum, cokes, and hot buttered rum mix. Not only was I starting a new quilt on this most awesome day, but I was also having a very awesome friend, Miss July,  and her man over for dinner.  


Today is offically a quilting day. Above is a picture of Marbles, who is always mixed up in whatever I am working on. In this photo he is helping me plan out my fabric color arrangements. You know the little booger is more involved in my quilting than I like. See, he also peed on my iron and pooped on my sewing machine back when he had access to the upstairs bedrooms. Those rooms now remain under lock & key, and I was lucky enought to have accidentally borrowed my Dad’s iron, so I am using his now, and it doesn’t emitt piss, and in a few minutes I will be bleaching my poor sewing machine!



  1. miss xmas said,

    F L I R T Y thirties….

  2. Lizzard said,

    now you’re old too!!!

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