sisters on the fly

February 1, 2009 at 10:55 pm (Uncategorized)


Above is a picture of the birthday card my sister put together for me. It’s a picture of a trailer from this group of  sisters on the fly, who travel around the country with their vintage trailers and get together for fly fishing and such. One day my sister and I are sure to join.

My 30th birthday ended up being pretty darn awesome. It started early at 6am when I awoke to Marbles having another tea party in my cabinets. He likes to jump up in there and break dishes, I serioulsy need to get something to secure those cabinet doors, sooner than later. I then had the usual Morning Irish Cream & Coffees, and went to aCard Making class with the ladies in town. They were sweet enough to invite me to lunch, at which they pointed out a handsome fellow in a Pendleton Whiskey ad on the wall, as Doc, the animal vet who used to live on this ranch. He looked a lot like the Marlboro Man, but had a little more kick.

Then I whipped up mashed potatoes, pasta salad & a painted hills meatloaf. Friends and family soon arrived for dinner. What more can a gal ask for then to be surrounded by wonderful company on her birthday? Oh, and great food to boot, everyone brought such great treats, Jody & Mark brought awesome homemade bread, July brought her to-die-for pumpkin/cream cheese rolls, Sis brought 3 fancy varities of cupcakes, and mom was sweet enough to bring the mini-bar. Songs where played, including my favorite one, that July wrote. It ties the ‘deer in the pantry’ with the ‘snake in the jeep’ story, and it’s cute as hell. She says its going on her next album.


Mom & Sis just left, and I am sad to see them go. We had a picture perfect weekend, hanging out, taking walks around the property, fixing a few odds and ends at the house, and sewing & watching movies. A neighbor mentioned that we  are welcome to take  gravel from the local county rock quary for free, whether or not this is the case, the gals and I went and filled up a few “small” containers of rock and laid them out in the front. The dogs & I are no longer tracking as much mud into the house. We are still tracking mud, but at least it’s not as much.

It’s been one of those weeks I won’t soon forget.


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  1. Cyndy said,

    I belong to Sisters on the Fly and I can tell you without question, you and you sister would love being a member! It is the best thing I ever did for myself. Happy 30th birthday!

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