beer and deer

February 4, 2009 at 12:50 am (Uncategorized)











Oooow, how I love taking walks with the dogs in the afternoons. It’s the highlight to my day, especially when I have spent that day doing paperwork. How did a gal who hates paperwork and doesn’t particularly care for dealing with the government, end up in a job that surmounts to filling out a bunch of government paperwork?!? So is life! As mom says, every oppurtunity is just  a step in a new direction. And if it weren’t for this little job of mine, I surely wouldn’t be able to afford to live out here. And it’s not ALL that bad, I have to admit I do like a lot about that little job.






  The deer have literally been coming out of the woodwork. They are everywhere on the property, and so easy to spot with those brite white butts of theirs. At each glance out a window I see a few of them here and there. While they don’t bother the dogs or me a bit, it does mean I will have to get working on putting back up that deer fence around the orchard sooner than later. Anyone want to help me with that fun project? lots-of-deer1


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