howling at the moon

March 11, 2009 at 5:13 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )


It’s a FULL MOON tonight! Way out here in the sticks you can totally appreicate the Moon Shadows from a Full Spring Moon, it’s unreal. It’s almost like an erie daylight, only it’s the middle of the night. Even the surrounding rim rock mountains are totally visible at the midnight hour, as the light of the Full Moon illuminats them. (photo below was taken last night with the full moon, but slightly enhanced, pretty close to what it looks like though!)


You know them coyotes are loving it too. The wild dogs have been hanging around my house a bit tooooo much lately. It sorta makes me feel like I am living in a rabbit hole, with the little chihuahuas & kitties, as the coyotes have decided it’s a worthwhile place to hang around and wait for a snack. I had one up on the porch again recently, trying to get Miss Bourbon, and when I ran out to yell at the darn coyote, he just howled his erie howl back at me. You can hear them late in the evenings, it’s almost like they are laughing at you with a cackling sorta noise, just a hop, skip, &  a jump away in the perimeter of the darkness.


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