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I don’t think I have blogged about it yet, but for the past few years I have been dreaming about getting an ol’ travel trailer and restoring it. I used to fantasize out getting an ol’ airstream, gutting it, putting down pergo floors, and then adding in just the right amount of furniture.

Before moving out to this ranch, I used to dream about acquring a few acres, planting an airstream on it, and living the little life out here. Well, this amazing oppurtunity to rent this ol’ homestead popped up last year, and here I am.

The trailer fantasy did not die, I just burried it for awhile. After Mr. James was so super kind enough to leave me his old Jeep (the same one that got partially destroyed by a back seat full of maggots last year), since he just bought a smokin’ new truck, well that trailer dream burst back in flames inside of me. I can’t tow and airstream with the jeep cherokee, but I can tow an ol’ 14 foot Shasta trailer.

I started purusing craigslist once again for vintage trailers under $1,000. Then luck hit me smack dab in the face.

Last week I went to my neighbor’s place to see this style of dog fence they are using. I had ran into my neighbor at the Post Office, and told her about my lil’ problem with Lucky, and that I needed advice on the right kinda fence to install so he can roam free in the front yard, and have access to the wrap around porch, while staying the hell out of my kitchen, while I am away at work. She is using these 16′ long 4.5′ tall combo/hog fence panels. They are super easy to install withthe help of T-posts & treated wood posts on the corners. Perfect. I ordered some from the local feed/ranch supply shop, and they are going to be delivered next week. Lucky & I are both looking forward to this!

Okay, so while I was at her place, I noticed this ol’ vintage Shasta trailer parked there. I inquired if they might consider selling it at some point. Her husband came out, we took a little tour inside. It’s exactly like the one pictured above. A 1963 all metal Shasta, I think it’s 16 feet long, it’s got a turquoise formica counter top where the sink and little 3 burner stove is, the cushions are still there & in decent shape,  it’s all wood inside, oh and it’s got wings too.  My neigbhor said, “Well, I have no idea what these are going for these days…” (My mind is racing, wondering what price he is going to throw out there). “…How about $300,” he says.

“Sold!!!” I can’t wait to pick ‘er up. A friend is coming to visit tomorrow, and we are planning to go up there and pick up my trailer! More blog posts on the 63 Shasta restoration are sure to follow! Sisters on the Fly, here I come!

You know, as I was driving to my class with the crafty ladies in town this morning, oh by the way – we did the first stage of a “stained” glass art project, I will post a picture of the pink deer I am doing when it’s complete, well – so, as I was driving, I was thinking, wow, I “have gone country”. I have got an extra vechile parked in my front yard (the jeep), and soon I will have a travel trailer parked out there too. And I seem to spend all my extra cash on country things, like the gun I bought when I first moved out here, and it’s funny because all my extra cash is tied into these “things”, which too some are worth just as much as cash, as they are easily bought, sold & traded.

Oh, and because I know I am going to start the undertaking the restoration of this travel trailer, it really helped me get my butt in gear around the house. Today, I spent a couple hours finishing the repainting of two upstairs bedrooms (same ones I started late last summer), and I spent  a couple of hours mopping the hell out of my floors.




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