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pink-windowI hate to admit that I have a sneaking suspision my upstairs in haunted. By typing this I am opening up a thought I prefer to keep pushed back way in my mind. You just get the sense there are lingering souls wandering the hallway and looking out the windows from time to time. For the past nine months I have been okay with this, and have pretty much let these souls have their space up there.

 But now I have got a case of spring fever, and it’s time to turn the upstairs into someplace that’s not so scary. The last tenants had sloppily painted one bedroom an erie fushia/red color, and they had painted the largest bedroom a light royal blue color, with the message “Now Way Out” painted in white above the door. First things first, I had to remove “No Way Out” from that darn room.

Last summer I was pretty gung-ho on repainting the upstairs, on one of our first trips to town, I bought a couple gallons of light yellow paint. I was looking forsomething the same color as the golden wheat grass that grows out here. I quickly got up a few coats of a primer I had tinted the same sunny yellow color as the finishing paint. Summer soon bled itself into fall, and I started working insane hours at the restaurant and at my new job at City Hall. I soon forgot the upstairs to the house exsisted. Well, I still got a creepy feeling when I thought about it, but I had no use in venturing up there all fall/winter. It got COLD up there, as in if it was -5*F outside, then it was sure -5*F in the upstairs. Not having a window in one of the rooms pretty much left the place exposed.looking-in

With spring on the horizon, I got the desire back to get my butt up there and beautify those upstairs bedrooms. This past weekend I applied the last coat of wheatgrass paint to two rooms, and started in on the curtains. You will see below that I used clothes pins to hang the curtains on pink ribbon. An idea I thought up out of necessity, and it came out better than expected. 



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