being broke

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I guess I am not really broke per-se, but I don’t have much $$$ in my checking account at the moment! It’s making me super creative in the kitchen. Oh, what’s that hiding in the pantry, Oh, you don’t say, instant potato flakes that I bought last year, and even moved out here with me 9 months ago. Potato soup for dinner one night, and instant mashed potatoes the next night, sounds divine! Oh, and that quiona grain has just been hiding the cupboard all this time, poor little unused grain, let me make a quiona stir fry, and what a great idea, yes, I will bake bread with the extra quiona. I did google a most awesome quiona bread, which carried me over a few more meals, lets see, for lunch yesterday I had homemade quiona bread & butter, and an orange, most wonderful! Then last night I fried up even more quiona and ate it with a few slices of quiona bread, and this morning I went above & beyond and made vegan quiona bread French Toast, with cooked apples & cinamon, topped with maple sryup & the last of the whipped cream, can’t complain about that one!
I need to go to town! My shopping list is growing – white paint to finish the upstaris and paint over the last tenants mess they made with the red paint ON the ceilings! Coffee & Irish Cream, most needed no matter what circumstance. Fence staples, yes I am building another fence, though this one is out front to save my kitchen and keep my hound dog out of the house during the workday. I just had $172 worth of fence paneling delivered, and bought another $40 in used treated wood posts from my neighbor. I am also buying that vintage 1963 Shasta Trailer this weekend, for a deal of $300, but maybe now I understand where all my $$$ is going. I also need vanilla, as French Toast and homemade cookies are the same without it! Cotton Fabric for aprons for the crew at the diner, as they have all requested a home stitched apron. Oh, yes and a couple of wrenches, James left me with some really awesome stuff, but there is big void in the pantry where the tools used to be.

Honey Quinoa Bread Recipe:

PS: to make the record bowl pictured above is super easy. Preheat the oven to 200*F, place an old used scratched up record on an upside down oven safe bowl and set in the oven for a five to 10 minutes. Record will slowly start to soften and flop over bowl. Take out of oven and mold to your liking!


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