my new shasta!

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It was delivered today! I am the proud new owner of a 1963 Shasta Trailer. She’s a real beauty! In a minute I am going to grab a beer and go relax in her.


It’s been a rough day of building fence. I think I hate building fence, yes I do hate it, because it sucks! My wrists are aching stiff, the yard around the house is a little bit of dirt packed into rock after rock after rock. Did I mention how rocky it is! The fence posts are supposed to go 18 inches, I might as well dig my way to China by the time I have clawed out 18 inches of hard packed rock. The post hole digger is worthless in this endevour.

Okay, back to nice thoughts of drinking a beer in my new trailer.


I think it will make an awesome guest house down along the creek. In the next few weeks, I hope to lay out a level area of gravel and park it down by the creek. Maybe put up an awing and put out some lawn chairs. Now we are talking.


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  1. christmas said,

    oh, I am jealous!

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