now that’s a fence

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So, Lucky’s new fence provides quite the nice dog palace. His run area reminds me of a ride at Disneyland. I slaved away this past weekend digging out post holes for 5″ wide treated beams, and pounded in 4′ T-Posts on the inbetweens. Anyhow, I stand proud. And looking at the picture above, well it looks like Lucky is standing proud too.


I bought five 16’x52″ combo/hog panels, and had them delivered last week. They are $34.30 each = $171.50. Then the treated posts were another $40 from my handy dandy neighbor, and the rest of the expense was at the mercy of my hands as I dug out rock after rock after rock!


It’s so cool though! It’s a two story dog run. The top floor is the old mudroom, which has been sealed off on one side with heavy gage chicken wire stuff. It provides a great lookout to the orchard & across the back deck. Then for the “main level”, Lucky just has to hop down the stairs and he can run up to view the random truck go down the road, or race down around the corner and seek out shade under the back deck. There are also 2 big shade trees for the long hot summer. Oh, and this Lucky dog is even going to get a little pool. Just one of those little kiddie waiting pools, but Lucky & the chihuahuas are sure to appreciate it on those 108*F days of July!


Tomorrow is our first trial run, with Lucky wild and free in the fenced in area while I am away at work. I half expect my destructo dog to be sitting by the road when I pull up after work, as he will have someone jumped out, or dug his way out. Darn Lucky dog! At least my kitchen will be safe for one more day!


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