a black cat and a white blanket of snow

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Bourbon is ALIVE!  They say cats have nine lives…so I am guessing Miss Bourbon Kitty has got eight remaining? A few days ago I spotted this little black dot out in the pasture, and I ran out there through the sage brush & mud to find that little black cat! I enticed her to me with some smoked salmon, it no doubt worked.

I had a sneaking suspicion that with the warmer springlike temperatures (with some random snow) and the recent return of hundreds of different birds to the area, well, I thought there was a chance she was out there somewhere feasting on pheasant or quail. Below, I talk more about my snowy trip to town yesterday, but one of the reasons for the trip was to pick up some de-wormer for her, as she seemed pretty skinny and a little spooked. Worms… maybe?

This evening, I ran out to the pasture and fed Miss Bourbon a bowl of wet kitty food with the de-wormer stuff mixed in. She scarfed it down. I picked burrs and thistles out of her as she ate. I then scouped her up, walked her back to the house, and laid her down in her little cat house on the porch. We’ll see how long she tolerates Marbles teasing her before she decides to embark on another renegade kitty adventure.


Yesterday it snowed all day. As I looked out the window at City Hall, a Spring blizzard was under way. The white stuff wasn’t sticking in town, but as I crested the windy road through the rim rock to my home, the ground started to slowly hold a blanket of white.

I was going to embark on a trip to the largest town in the county, population 430, which is roughly 26 miles from my door. James had been kind enough to leave me his old jeep, so I wanted to take it to the local mechanic and to have it looked over. The back door would not latch, and was seriously stuck open, so the jeep filled with the smell of exhaust. Lucky and I drove along the lonely county road with all the windows down in the middle of the Spring snow storm. I had the radio cranked way up, and a smile on my face for the ridiculousness of it all.


The verdict was good. $20 to fix a flat tire. The words, “Merry Christmas” from the mechanic for fixing the back door latch, and when I asked him to take a once over on the rest of the veichle, he remarked, “Oh, to find more problems like your front end that’s about to fall off?”

No Joke! He had to zip-tie the front end back on. Funny. He also reconnected a loose air hose. You gotta love small town mechanics, becuase they are so upfront and seriously awesome. I asked him to put together a few estimates, one for a trailer/tow hitch, and one for the cost of hooking up the brakes to help the stopping power for my new 1963 Shasta Trailer. He is also going to look into finding a replacement door for the rear passenger one with the broken window. Oh, and the icing on the cake… Jeep Cherokees are his FAVORITE veichles, and they what he drives, so I think I’ve found myself a sweet deal.


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