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If you want to do some chores, well, you’ve come to the right place. Tree pruning, fence building, yard clean-up, deconstruction, demolition, more fence building, painting, plumbing problems, feed the dogs, find the cats, chop some wood, and the list goes on.

It’s little treasures and secret pleasures that get us through. Sometimes it’s a cold beer after a long day of pulling sheet metal off an old goat house, as you try to turn the structure into a greenhouse. Yes, that cold bottle of beer on a back porch, whispering in the wind, yes that made the chores worth doing.


My Shasta is parked just across the yard, and over in front of the shop, in view of the ol’ barn. I often look over at her, and fantazise for a moment of all of my plans. I still can’t decide on a color of fabric for the curtains. Am I going to paint over any of the existing hardwoods, and some have gained some slight damage over the last 45 years. Oh, I would love to accent a wall or two with a mint green paint, but am I allowed to do that?

Will I be chastized by other vintage trailer owners… maybe, but does it matter? She is in such excellent condition for her years, that I am still afraid to change anything about her.  As I relaxed in her yesterday, letting the soft breeze wiz through the old fashioned slated glass windows (which are all still intact), I let my mind wander through different color choices, and thoughts of replacing the blue carpet with a pergo floor filled my head.

Oh, and I came across all the original paper work for the 1963 Shasta Trailer. The photo above is of one of the original ads that were nicely tucked away inside. She is the Shasta 1500, 15 feet long, 1570 lbs. weight, and as the advertisement says – “yet it sleeps six! This is accomplished by a Luxury Lounge-Bed across the rear, a very comfortable fold up bed above which has a polyfoam mattress (only noticeable thing missing) and a spacious dinette front which quickly converts into a bed for two. “  Advertisement continued…” It is heart-warming to see the many groups of Shasta owners who rendezvous thruout the nation at State and National parks, at lakesides, along mountain streams, sheashores or desert recreational areas. These folks are having more fun than ever before. They are enjoying God’s out-of-doors; they are really living! The body is bieng renewed, the spirit refreshed. The travel trailerist is not only a better citizen, but a happier one!

Well, Hell’s Belle’s, who know all I had to do was spend $300 on a 45 year old trailer to become a better citizen, and a happier one at that!!!


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