spring has sprung

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Peach Blossoms are here!


Unidentified Blossoms are Here! (plum maybe?)

Spring just jumped right out of the cracker jax box! It’s been in the high 80’s the last couple of days and super bright blossoms are lighting up the landscape.

James was here this past weekend to pick up the last of his belongings. I was sad to see him drive off for the Lone Star State. He just called this evening, to let me know he made it to his new pad. The day he left, he picked up Whiskey’s head (our ex-evil goat) and strapped the skull and giant horns to the front of his new big ol’ truck for the drive to Texas. I am supposed to get pix of this from him.

Seems Whiskey was causing too much comotion at the goat farm we gave him too, he was harrassing all the other goats, so he ended up as dinner down there.

Don’t think I ever mentioned this, but once we gave Whiskey & Penny away to that local goat farm, well we found out Miss Penny, was really a Mr. Penny. “She” was a neutered male. James swore the two of them were in love, I remember he remarked they were just like Romeo and Juliet, becuase after Whiskey escaped (the second time) he returned a day & half later to be reunited with that Penny.


I guess friendship, love, and familiarity are hard things for all of us to give up. I sure miss knowing I had that Mr. friend of mine around.

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