Blue Skies bring out Black Widows and Black Snakes

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What I don’t already know about taking care of an orchard (which honestly isn’t much), I am certainly learning along the way! I turned on the drip system today for the first time this year, as I am pretty sure you are supposed to start watering when the trees start blooming, but as I read online, you definately don’t want to overwater fruit trees.

So, I bought this AMAZING tool recently. I just knew it would come in handy, and well worth the purchase price of $3.29. It’s a little 3 foot long metal rod that is used to turn on a water spicket, so you don’t have to reach your hand down into the unknown. The spicket for my drip system sits about 6 inches recessed in the ground.

I headed out into the orchard with my shovel (for wacking rattle snakes), my metal rod spicket tool, and my trusty hound dog Lucky. What do you think I found lying roughly 6 feet from the spicket, oh a Big Long Creepy Black Snake of course, not sure if it was a King Snake or a Racer, but they scare me all the same. And as I pryed off the little pot I used to insulate the spicket this past winter, what do you think I found crawling out, oh, just the largest Black Widow Spider I have ever seen. Thank goodness for modern inventions!

Oh, and since it didn’t rattle, I decided not to wack the snake. But give me another one in my kitchen this year, and I can’t promise it won’t be harmed!


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