one thing that’s cool about living in this county

April 27, 2009 at 2:53 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , )

One thing that’s cool about living in this county, eveything you thought just might be 100 miles out of reach, is actually just down the street.

I swear, I keep this on going “things to get in town” list in my head. Forever and a day I have been meaning to get a new “used” window at a rebuilding center to replace the plywood that currently boards up a vacant hole in an upstairs bedroom. Well, yesterday when I was at the dump (on my 2nd trip that day – got a long of clean-up done around here:) I happened to see a pile of windows and inquired with the cute little lady that runs the local dump. She said I could have my pick of ’em for free. As I as looking through the pile of miscellanious discarded windows, a lady drove up and asked what I was looking for… she just happened to have a pile of windows at her place free for the picking, so I followed her home and grabbed a second one.

My gorgeous little Shasta Trailer is a prime example. Who would have thought the 15 foot vintage trailer of my heart’s desire was hiding one mile up the road at a neighbor’s house? And then a neighbor 3 miles the other direction offers me a free trailer hitch. I like to smile about all this.

And when I shimmed that new old window in upstairs, I found the basic materials to get the job done hiding around the ranch.

And when I had to build that dog run, of course a neighbor had a pile of fence posts to sell me for a steal.

Oh, and that imaginary town list – it also included a roll of linoleum to lay down in the mud room for Lucky Dog, and guess what, little ol’ Service Creek just happened to have a roll in the basement of their B&B, never mind it’s totally from the 70’s, but it ended up being just the perfect fit. 15 feet of mustard yeller and tacky brown, laid down just right.


And of course they had a wood framed screen door to give me, just like I had been dreaming about to put up in the mudroom – and nail heavy gauge wire to – to prevent any more broken windows from Lucky Dog.


And when I called the country vet this evening to get some de-wormer for the cats & dogs, she offered to mail a packet my way – seeing as it’s a bit of a drive down a long gravel road to her place. Where else can you find a great vet who will mail you a very reasonably priced packet – with a bill to be paid later?

And I was so happy to find this $2 mirror at a garage sale last week. I had been wanting something just like it. I was super happy to be buying it from one of my most favorite laides in town too.



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