apron & friends

May 1, 2009 at 6:53 am (Uncategorized)

A gal can have the worst day at work, drive home in a daze, then get home and have the best day with her best friends. The photo below of Mimi resting on my knee says best friends to me…


I am sewing away into the wee hours – must complete 1 purple apron for Miss July. I kinda promised I would. A few days ago I talked her into loaning me some DVDs, and I told her I needed ’em so I could sew her apron while watching ’em. It’s been a few days since I watched a borrowed movie, but I would love to keep my promise and show up at the restaurant bright & early with her bright purple apron.


Miss July loves the color purple. On my last birthday she gave me this pretty swirly purple fabric, so I am going to stitch her up an apron out of it – since I at least know she already likes it. Always better to get a handmade gift in a color and style you actually want to wear, unlike some of those gifts we keep tucked away in our closets.

Get a kick out of the picture below: Marbles curled around my sewing machine, and 3 more friends napping in the background…



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