into the cookie forest

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It was a cool and stormy day. The little cow cookie and the little wild turkey cookie became friends in a forest of seed sprouts. The two new friends shared ideas under a cantalope sprout, and later laid down under a canopy of broccoli sprouts where they talked about their dreams and watched the big clouds roll by above in the sky.

The recipe that made these two little animal friend cookies come to life was not a very tasty one. The recipe had the words “gluten free” in it, so already you know it’s a 50/50 chance on wheter or not it will taste good. I guess somethings like shortbread cookies are better left to the world of gluten.

Now the gluten free banana bread I made today was the bomb. Here is a link to the recipe:

Later this evening, I am going to try out the homemade gluten free pizza dough.

Oh, here is another fun recipe I tried today. Getting your kitties to eat there de-worming pills. First smash up the little yellow pills into a powdery substance. Next mix the pill powder in with some stinky wet can food, I was given this 100% pheasant food, so I went with that. I even mixed in a few little pieces of turkey deli meat. Feed to cat. Watch cat take a few bites and reject food. Sprinkle some of the cat’s favorite kibble bits into the bowl, stir together. Continue to watch cat avoid food. Wait five hours. Find an old can of sardines in the cupboard, break up a few pieces of stinky sardine and really blend into pheasant, turkey, kibble, and pill mixture. Watch cat consume 80%. Sprinkle some milk on leftover mixture, return to fridge and give remaining amout to cat in morning. Good luck!


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