reckless girls weekend

May 6, 2009 at 6:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Miss July recently invited me along for a super fun *girls weekend*. We are going to go to Pendelton, to see one of her favorite Musicians – Reckless Kelly. We are both totally looking forward to it – nevermind the fact that this isn’t going to happen until Sept 12th, a mere 4 months away. It’s still fun to think about, as it will be our first weekend off for these 5 spring/summer months, definately something to look forward to~!

The other night we shared a few beers down by the river, and we did a toast to the Prineville Rodeo Weekend that was going on, so what if the actual rodeo was 85 miles away. You should’a seen the cute little underage cowboys that invited Miss July & I along – but alas we are both locked down to helping run a restaurant and workin’ 2 jobs to make this romantic western lifestyle dream a reality. 


I have to admit though, that every trip I make to town makes me realize how fortunate I am to be living out here. This past Monday I took off work a bit early and breezed into town for a chiropractic appointment & a few necessities. I picked up 8 yards of fancy fabrics (one apron pic above)  to make the gals at the restaurant custom aprons, 3 pounds of butter for all the upcoming pies I have been asked to bake for the local firehall & dog rescue bake sale, a blueberry plant as it’s worth a try to see if they survive the dry heat this summer, fresh fruits & vegetables, and dog chow.

Getting stuck in traffic, people rushing everywere, congestion,  isles and isles of junk for sale – you’d soon start to think this world was going to hell in a handbasket – those are the things I am working so hard to avoid these days.

It’s not the ranch work that’s breaking my back – it’s the work I do to be able to afford the luxury of living at this little ranch. Ces la vi!


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