snake gaitors

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Pictured here are the snake gaitors that the ol’ man in my life bought and used to wear. And now, with no ol’ man around, I get to zip them on. Maybe get to is the wrong word, how about, have to zip them on. They do provide great protection, and make one a lil’ less afraid about stepping on or just next to a snake, while stomping around the property in a newly cut pair of daisy dukes.

Can I ask why the little lizards on my porch are all so cute, but the snakes lying about might as well be devil spawn?!?

Lucky & I had a little run-in with a 36 inch Bull Snake yesterday, well 36 inches might be a slight exaggeration, it was more like 34 inch, rattle snake look-a-like. They have the same markings and such, but I am learning to tell the difference between the two, and the major difference in the Bull has no rattle, although Rattlesnakes have been known to loose their rattles at times, so I just do my best to avoid contact with either.

And now that I have been out here on this ol’ ranch coming up on one year, I can take great pride in the courage I have gained. I no longer think “god” put snakes on this earth to hunt me down and bite me, I have to come to think they are just around to keep things interesting.


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