like Christmas in July

June 3, 2009 at 2:19 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

So, Miss July called tonight to tell me she’s getting me an additional extra special gift for my birthday, and even though my big ol’ 30th birth-day was five months ago, I am so excited!

picture perfect

I have been complaining a tad bit about how I wish I had a neighbor boy to hire. You know in the old days where a kid would mow your lawn for 5 bucks. Or maybe clean out your grandma’s gutters for another 5. Well, I am pretty sure I’d have to drive 50+ miles to find me a neighbor boy willing to do any little handy jobs around here. So I end up putting on my boots, throwing on a cap, and diggin’ into the work myself. I never invisioned myself cleaning a chimney, weed-whacking tall brush, buildling fence, or loading a 22 to kill a troublesome varmit, nope, but I always new there were neighborhood boys who tackled these kinda things.

So for the most wonderful gift ever, Miss July has offered to pay a most wonderful guy out here to help me out for a few hours. I promised my honey-do-list is under 2 hours long – it may be an action packed 2 hours, but I am dreaming it won’t hit 3. I already installed a window where the plywood used to be in an upstairs bedroom, but need someone handy to finish off the job by framing it in with old barn wood. And ever since I saw the biggest snake of my life coiled up in the pumphouse, well I have been reluctant to go back there and get the heater & power cord out, that’s a job I have enjoyed putting off til tomorrow. And since her wonderful friend drives a truck with a hitch, then we are also going to tow my little shasta trailer a good 100 feet to make a camp-out oasis for folks to stay in. Oh… I can’t wait! And, the last thing on my put off til tomorrow list, well I need to movea bunch of old junk, boards, pipe, etc that lay in a pile near the back deck, as the snakes have already taking a liking to it this season – oh neighbor boy!!!

But I do have to add, that sometimes it’s a gal who really saves my ass out here! Miss July has already done her fair share, and last summer Liz was kind enough to install a new toilet for me, talk about a cute & sexy plumber!

cute plumber


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