sometimes….well sometimes you just have a bad day

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A bad day can start at anytime. Sometimes it starts with the sunrise. You are still tried, on the verge of crankiness, yet the bright light is beating in through the windows. Maybe your alarm has been going off for a half hour, but in a last ditch effort to save yourself from a bad day, your subcounsious decides to ignore the beeping and and buzzing. I am sorry my friend, you were able to avert it for another 30 minutes, but that bad day is still waiting for you.

bad day

And yes, it is still “garbage day” meaning one of 2 days per week the dump is open, and yes, you are still working a long shift this Saturday,the other dump day, so even if you put off the dump run this morning,  you will only have to face dump day again next Wednesday morning.

So, you already slept through “shower time”, but you are still able to make a cup of coffee and get the dogs fed before driving down to city hall, and let’s not forget, the dump.

Maybe your day at City Hall starts out okay. You finally drink that cup of coffee, you brewed earlier, now that you at work, you pile through emails & paperwork, and have faith you will manage.

Then it’s an Emergency Council Meeting. Must post signs all over town. Set the tape recorder, and take notes through a heated debate. Usually you keep your whims about you, stay neutral, record as is your job. But on this day, well, the comments just don’t sit right. You must speak your mind. And with that you open the flood gates to emotion and becoming involved.

You try to shake your irritation on the drive home. You call a friend, bitch for a moment, and nothing seems to bring your blood back down from a boil. Crack a beer. Crack another beer. Still nothing.

Talk to mom for a good hour on the phone. Okay, starting to feel better.

Ooops. Dogs still have cabin fever. Hell, you have cabin fever. Okay, everybody, let’s pile up in the jeep and go get another drink. Crack another beer. Try to admire sunset. Okay, yes, this seems to be working.

Sit down with some friends on a porch. Crack another beer. Um…. so what was it I was so worked up about? Um.. I can’t remember….

… must not have been that bad???


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  1. Amber said,

    I’ve had days like this. Usually involving studying for tests or writing huge long research papers…Amazing what some wine and margarita mix can do.

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