the guest house is open and ready for business!

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the guest house is open and ready for business!  just bring yer own potty bucket!

shasta and sagebrush

I might’ve mentioned July offered to hire a hand to help me out for a couple hours. We spent the first hours drinking strawberry daquries (with fresh local strawberries of course!), then we headed up the hill side and brought down an ol’ pic-nic bench to sit beside the Shasta along the lonely county road. We also towed the shasta down aways, a couple hundred feet from the house, and now there is this little paraside oasis smack dab in the middle of a little gravel pit.

It’s the kinda spot where you pee on a juniper tree, but walk to the house to use the toilet to take care of the other kinda business.

I visualize a mini bar down there. Evenings spent laid out on chase lounge chairs, watching one car go by every couple hours.  A great place to count stars with the sound of the creek flowing past.


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  1. Amber said,

    Awesome…so awesome.

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