sweet success in raspberry red

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the shasta

Oh, how I love the sense of accomplishment! It’s sometimes a hard thing to truly feel, as many of my “improvement” and or “craft” projects don’t always turn out they way i want them to. Well, my new vintage linoleum tile floors I have been laying down in the Shasta Trailer are S~W~E~E~T. I LUV THEM.

I was given a perfect stack of raspberry red and white flecked linoleum tiles a few months back from my friend, Austen. Thank you Austen!

A month or two went by, I finally made into a Home Depot and picked up the ultra sticky stuff for adhesing them to the floor, and what you might call a spreader for slapping the stuff around. Then a couple more months went by, working, swimming, working, rafting. Well I finally got the butt in gear and ripped out that old blue carpet a few days back, when the temps out here staid in the cool 90’s. It’s a lot easier to get things done when my blood isn’t begining to boil at or above 100*F in the desert heat. To me, 90 now feels pretty damn cool.

Anyhow, we had another 92 degree day, and I started in on phase II of new vintage tile installation. There are just a few more tiles to lay after my accomplishment today. It’s a small little space in which to work, in that 15 foot Shasta Trailer, and I am not keen enough to figure out how to lay that goo and all the tiles in one day? But I bet someone somewhere has accomplished that feat. Oh well, I am just so excited that my first flooring project is coming along pretty damn awesome.

Old Floor:

old floor

Floor I debated installing, but realize it looked too much like an obnoxious diner, and since I work in a diner, I opted out:

checkerd floor

 New floor, all raspberry red, with 3 random white tiles:

shasta floors

And note the fancy little curtains I handstiched this past week. I cut up my livning room curtains I had made years ago and used the fabric for the shasta curtains becuase; a) I am poor and can’t afford new fancy fabrics, and b) they are a perfect match with the floor tiles I was given. I am stoked.

Up next finding the perfect fabric to cover the old cushions in. Let me know if you’ll be getting rid of some mint green material? or maybe a few yards of a heavy duty black, dark grey…?

*      *     *

Ahh, and to finish it off is a picture of some fresh raspberries I picked from my neighbor’s garden.

fresh raspberries



  1. Badger said,

    that looks amazing!! that color is so sweet.. now it’s really starting to look liike *your* trailer!

  2. Lizzard said,

    I looks awesome! I can’t wait to go camping in it!

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