the boarding house

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Well, the time has come for me to either meet a handsome hardworking fellow, or start a little boarding house. As one local lady recently put it, “If I am meant to date again, God will drop a man on my house.” I am starting to feel the same way about things. So a boarding house it is!


 I had put up a roommate add on craigslist, and soon realized I really did not want just any random person in my house, in my space, and in my life all the time. Err. Nope. A great guy sure, but just some person off the street, not going to happen, if I can help it. But if that person off the street or off craigslist wants to rent a room from time to time, during hunting season, or a weeklong fishing trip, then I will gladly put on the apron, cook ’em breakfast, make ’em a fresh clean bed, and even offer them a cold beer in the afternoon.

Nightly rates will be between $20 to $25, which includes fresh sheets and breakfast.

There are some crews working on putting in new powerlines right up my county road, and they will be here til November, so I am going to see if one of them might want to stay at my place on occasion, get out of his trailer living. Maybe? It would certainly help stop me from breaking the bank. Even though I work my tail off out here in the desert, having to now survive on minimum wage just doesn’t add up, no matter how many hours you work, or how you slice it.

Eggs over easy, and wheat toast… coming right up!



  1. guest said,

    Some time next year I plan on going around the pacNW and go to places I’ve never been to before. Hopefully you’ll still be welcoming travelers to stay a few days when I get up to your neck of the woods. Great blog by the way. I’ve bookmarked it and I guess you have another follower. I love the stories of life,love and those cute lizards in eastern Oregon ! Keep up the great blog !

    • galwith750acres said,

      oh great! thanks for reading! just give me a little heads up before you come out this way!

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