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That’s Lucky’s new nickname for the day. Peach Fuzz. Cuz he is eating every sliver of peach fuzz that falls off the plate as I peel and pit peaches on the back deck.

Everything looks like peaches this evening. The sunset is pink and orange. My lightly sunburned arms have a pink golden hue. The surronding rimrock is holding in that last bit of light and letting off a peach glow. I have a peach cobbler baking in the oven as I type. And this morning I had oatmeal with fresh peaches and pecans for breakfast.

I spent a good hour yesterday mending the orchard fence. And as a house guest and I sat on the back deck and watched the moon rise last night, I heard my little friend (more like little enemy) tromp through the thistles. The Buck was back for more peaches. I just started yelling at him in my meanest voice possible, “Hey, you leave my peaches alone, get out of here!” And it worked. At least for that moment. Who knows how much longer he waited until I was fast asleep to return.

It’s a little over whelming, when you stand there under 100’s of peaches dangling above your head, and realize there is no way just you alone can handle all those peaches! (that’s why I am not totally devestated that the Buck has been helping himself to some, but I still love to complain about it!)Starting tomorrow and through the weekend, the peach picking is on! And I have a feeling there won’t be time for much else other than perserving, freezing, and pieing up peaches this weekend. Luckily, Mom, Sis & a Friend will be here this holiday weekend to help me handle all them peaches.



  1. hartage said,

    Nothing more sexy than a hard working down to earth gal. πŸ™‚ Wish I lived closer to you. I’d drop by to help out with the work every now and then……

  2. galwith750acres said,

    this gal would surely appreciate someone dropping in to help with some of the chores once in a while, and of course also helping to eat all them damn peaches!

  3. hartage said,

    Well it’s settled then ! Next time I’m in Oregon I’ll leave a few days open for some general labor around your place ! But I’m in San Diego so might be a while, a long while before I’m able to make it to your neck of the woods. If the payment is in peaches I guess I’ll work for food ! Hey keep up the great blog ! I love seeing and reading about your east OR life.

    If there is enough of us maybe you can start a fan-club ! πŸ™‚

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