R.I.P. to the Peach Eating Buck

September 4, 2009 at 10:20 pm (Uncategorized)


News travels fast down my country street. Just this morning I stopped by one of my most favorite neighbor’s to drop off a brown lunch sack full of peaches. He asked me if I’d heard about the 3 point Buck that was found lying in the creek about a mile up from me. Poor feller had an arrow sticking out of him.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but I promise it wasn’t me!

He was such a healthy looking guy, full of vigor, ’til someone did a crappy job of hitting him with a bow & arrow, and he wandered off to die, alone in the creek. I belive my neighbor is calling around, trying to find someone with a deer tag to take him. I hope they do, so his life wasn’t a total waste. As much as he irritated me by sneaking into my little orchard at night, I’d much rather have him alive tromping through the rimrock (and yes, even the orchard) then to be a rotting carcass in the creek.

I will think of you, Mr. 3 Point Peach, while I bake peach pies & make homemade ice cream this afternoon! R.I.P.


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  1. hartage said,

    Geez if someone is gonna hunt get some skills ! Having something die slow is so inhumane to do that because of hunter incompetence is just too much. Personally I think it should be illegal to lose a wounded animal. The penalty being you get banned hunting for 2 seasons. That ought to weed out the dolts too lazy to improve their shooting and/or tracking skills enough to get the job done right.

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