the cat house

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cat house

This morning I decided to actively do nothing. I woke around 7:00 a.m. with a bed full of antsy dogs, ready to go outside. I put on a pot of coffee, had some peach crisp, and got back into the bed with a needle and thread. The sun warmed my back as I whipped up 2 little 12″ x 18″ fleece curtain panels for the outside “cat house”.

I coverted this old wood box that was here when I moved in, into a little outdoor cat house. I made a nice cushy cat bed, and stuck it outside on the covered porch on an old wood table. I donated two pieces of vintage kitchenware, one for a kibble plate, and the other for a water bowl, and the cats have claimed that table to be their own ever since.

With cooler mornings, and fall on the horizon, I have been thinking of ways to better care for my little outside pets, provide them with some nice creature comforts. These fleece curtains will provide a nice wind break and some added protection against those cold winter nights.

Of course my little kitty mongrels are welcome in the house when they ask for it, but I’d much rather they stay outside. Lately Marbles has been trying to eat me while I am sleeping, and he has a nasty habit of waking me up at 4:00 a.m. every night that I do take pity and let him sleep inside.

And while on the subject of kitty kats. Miss Bourbon came home last Sunday morning with one eye sealed shut. I coaxed her into my arms (sometimes very hard to do), pulled her eyelid a part, and starting hunting for a foxtail, also know as cheat grass. I quickly found the nasty weed and pulled it out. Only to see another little piece sticking out from deep inside her eyesocket. Yanked that one out too. I had seen our country vet do this a few weeks back, and was ever so glad for now knowing what to do. Both of Bourbons bright yellow eyes were back to being wide open later that day.



  1. hartage said,

    Awwww you are so sweet ! You treat those cute outside mongrels so well !

    • galwith750acres said,

      I think I might have sweet talked my favorite neighbor last night into helping me build Lucky a nice insulated dog house to keep on the covered porch this winter. That booger still isn’t allowed inside this house while I am at work, maybe one day, in the long distant future, he will prove himself by staying off my kitchen counter tops and out of my cabinets while I am away. Well, one can hope! Must be where that term “Good Dog, Bad Dog” originated.

      • hartage said,

        Your animal friends must love you tons for all the pampering ! I wouldn’t be surprised if this winter you put an electric heating pad in both cubbies to make them nice and toasty !

  2. galwith750acres said,

    oh, yeah. i forgot to mention the heating pad. did ya doubt me, I already have one for the doggie! (and I am sure I’ll pick up one or two up for the kitties also 😉

    & speaking of spoiled dogs – I was invited over to my favorite neighbor’s last night for a couple cold cans of coors light. anyhow, he brought out 3 giant frozen dog bones for the pooches, from a cow he butchered last year, the bones were still covered in meaty goodness. The dogs rolled around in his *fancy green grass* while chowing down on the bones. Talk about getting spoiled!

    • hartage said,

      Lol, I should have known you already were warming the pooch’s rear with an electric pad. If I were to come back as a pet in my next life I want it to be with you !

      Ah…… hangin at the favorite neighbor’s place eh ? At least the love life is back on track ! 🙂

  3. galwith750acres said,

    Oh, my neighbor! He is one of the greatest guys I know. He is pushing 70, but I always enjoy visiting with him. Sometimes we even go on “a date” out to dinner, but he already told me he’s too young for me, so I don’t think it will ever turn serious!

    But they don”t make men like they used to! I swear it!

    • hartage said,

      Awww, that sucks ! He sounds like a wonderful guy. I promise there are more guys out there that are still gentlemen. Maybe not too common in this day and age but they are out there ! You’ll meet one next year. Maybe he’ll be having pie or staying at your B&B. Maybe he even loves cats and dogs. Who knows but he’s out there somewhere !

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