a doll house life

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the couch

As I sit all alone in my newly remodeled upstairs bedroom, on my newly free hide-a-bed that is nicely covered in the marriage quilt* my grandmother so carefully stitched, I wonder, where is my friend who wants to stay up all night, play cards, drink hard cider and see if this upstairs is really haunted? I feel like a little girl in a big huge doll house.

Thoughts race through my mind of a possible whirlwind tour: here is where the strawberry shortcake is made, this is the room where I love to build my forts with old blankets & chairs, over here you can see where I caught my first snake….oh, and here is my fancy ribbon collection, oh, and did you see…..

My Mom & Sis & a Friend were just out here for the weekend. My Sis & Her Friend left earlier this afternoon to make it to Ritter Hot Springs for their first visit to what happens to be the last night that Ritter will be open this Season. 

While they were here we had all sorts of fun. Last night we went to a street dance in Mitchell, where the wonderful & always entertaining NeverCanEvers played. We picked peaches and ran into snakes in the orchard this afternoon. We walked all 5 dogs along the little country road. We ate huevos rancheros (my new specialty, complete with homemade corn tortillas) for breakfast. Drank Irish Cream in our Coffee. Had a hell of a time getting that super heavy free hide-a-bed upstairs yesterday, but as I have learned, 4 girls when put to the test, can accomplish just about anything.

But now, the house feels empty, with the just the sound of a buzzing fly to fill the air and remind me just how quiet it really is. But I was just getting started! Let’s play Rummy! Let’s drink Mimosas! Let’s Talk about Random things ’til the Sun Comes Up! Come on girls, let’s play in my Doll House!!!

*note: marriage quilt – at least five years ago, my Grandma decided it was time for my sister and I to pick out our wedding gifts. Mind you neither of us was seriously dating or even engaged at the time, I was 25, and she 23, but my Grandma seemed to feel the clock was ticking, so she led my sister & I into her back bedroom and let us pick out our marriage quilts. The one I chose & treasure is pictured above.

(And my sister was kind enough to bring out 4 yards of light blue vintage fabric covered in yellow felty flowers, that she purchased for $3 at a thrift store, which I will start stitching into curtains in just a minute to complete my upstairs doll house room. So you can feel a little sorry for me, but please don’t feel too sorry for me! )



  1. hartage said,

    Feel sorry for you ? You have an awesome family ! You live in the country with all the peace, solitude and natural beauty it has to offer ! Perhaps a few more neighbors/friends coming over might be a tad better. All in all though I envy your life !

    That quilt is fantastic ! Although I think you’re right, grandma just might be pushing you and your sister along, lol. Hey, if you have internet access and yahoo IM I’d be glad to stay up with you talking about anything furiously typing away. Best I can offer from 1020 miles away.

  2. galwith750acres said,

    Thanks so much for the great comments. I was just feeling so darn lonely when they left. But now I am back at ’em, attacking projects right & left. I do cherish those girls weekends. I just love the simple treasures in life, and for most, and even myself sometimes, they just seem to get left in the dust. But NOT anymore for this girl though!!! She is intent on experiencing every simple moment she can, gosh darnit!

    Lounging in an mostly empty room, on a quilt my grandma stiched, watching out the window as the wheatgrass sways in the wind, with the fall breeze blowing my newly made blue flowerly curtains, and the sound of Lucky’s paw prints coming up the stairs to find me… that was a perfect moment. That was most of today. Then there were warm carmelie brownies & homemade ice cream, stinky mouse pee soaked drapes that had to be taken to the barn, a guest room that had to be cleaned, dishes to do, way too many black flies to swat, and of course the dogs & cats to watch my every move & also keep me company.

    You are welcome to shoot me an email: andrealyn@hotmail.com
    I don’t yet have a yahoo IM thing set-up. I can work on it though!


  3. hartage said,

    Wow, Andrea has writing skills ! As I was reading it felt like I was there inside the room with you looking around. My nose curled when I could have sworn I smelled mouse pee reading about it. Carmel brownies and homemade ice cream…. Where have you been my whole life ! 🙂 It sure sounds like you found/made yourself your own little heaven on earth up there. If you get a chance to download yahoo messenger and install it my identity there is eia430 come say hi. I’m usually on the computer since that’s what I do (IT). Shoot me an email anytime, it’s hartage@hotmail.com I love reading your blog ! Makes me really envious of east OR country life. Keep us posted on the goings on in the ranch ! Animals too of course !

  4. Badger said,

    The hide-a-bed looks so cute, and un-menacing with the quilt! What a lovely disguise 😉 Next visit of mine we will have to sew and drink mimosas! I’ll bring the champagne. Have fun in Pendleton!! Flirt with all the cowboys for me.


  5. Lizzard said,

    I was just thinking I should come out soon. This is last week on my show. And you know I’m always down for a late night game of cards and drinks!

  6. misschristmassnow said,

    times ticking for who, her?! I know that loneliness, even here in the city. SAME THING! everyone goes and it’s quiet and the feelings take a 180. Talking to God is the #1 thing that has helped me ( and the joyce meyer teachings). It’s amazing to me how balanced I become! Would you like to stay here at all when you come to town in Nov. I wish I could come visit you but I have this new commitment to Victory and I’m waiting in the wings. It’s a difficult walk sometimes. I’m sorry you are going thru the lows and will be praying for the highs ( & the continued grace you show getting thru the rough spots in life!)

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