poor girls plate

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This is what a poor girls plate looks like. I decided today that the definition of a poor girls plate really equates to making the best of what you have got, even when it the fridge is almost bare, you can dream up something good and go from there.

poor girls plate

Last night might have been lamb chops, but tonight was rice & a nearly empty fridge. But a true poor girl knows how to put something together. She finds one spicey hot red pepper to remind her of the sunny afternoon it was picked in a friend’s garden. She strolls outside and picks a few springs of mint, leaves of basil, the 5 ripe red cherry tomatoes, 1 banana pepper, and finds a jar of peanuts left behind on the counter. She pulls out a little baggie of frozen coconut milk, and heats it up with some powdered curry left over from a friend this summer.

She doesn’t dream of what she doesn’t have, she appreiates what she has got, takes in kind, and savors every bite.

I am still thinking pretty hard on putting together a Poor Girls CookBook this Winter, when the days are cold & short, and the nights are long & quiet, and the store is a blizzards drive away. One friend pointed out though, that the cookbook better be cheap enough for other poor girls to buy! So true. I just want to have fun discovering thrifty and efficient ways to keep one’s kitchen full of raw ingredients that get magically transformed into awesome dishes without unecessary ex$pensive ingredient lists!


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  1. Badger said,

    good idea about the cookbook.. i could see you making it really cool! i told a lady friend at school about your pies, and she thinks you could really make that into a business.. since people like to know where there food comes from, and good homemade wholesome food is really popular now! do i see visions of a vintage pie-trailer at the farmers market with a cute girl wearing a cute apron?!?!?!

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