just call me angel in the morning!

October 6, 2009 at 7:47 pm (Uncategorized)

snowball and miss foxy

Who can resist these cute little things in the morning! That’s Snowball & Miss Foxy. It’s pretty darn neat having your own petting zoo. Yesterday afternoon, I had all 4 goats, big dog Lucky, 2 chihuahuas & Marbles my big cat all hanging out together. It really is like a petting zoo!

I was offered 4 laying chickens yesterday & 1 rooster. I guess they are ubber friendly, as the chickens love to sit in your lap & be petted. How can a gal say no to that?

Lucky is having a ball herding the goats. I will have to post some pictures of that later. Talk about a great way to excersize your dog. He is a natural at it too. I think Lucky is under the impression that they are his goats. Oh well, he can think that all he wants!



  1. Badger said,

    you finally have that petting zoo you’ve always wanted!

  2. hartage said,

    Snowball and miss foxy ! From the pic I can see, those are the PERFECT names for them !

    You might want to explore photography. You seem to have a knack, that perfect timing to get those shots that are naturally interesting.

    Lol, I wonder how long the goats will stay cute. When a billy grows up they can be such a turd.

  3. Badger said,

    I agree about the photography, this picture is especially nice, miss foxy is a natural! you could sell some prints on etsy!

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