surprises in the night

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Just a few nights ago, I awoke to the dogs going hog-wild. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but I had been asleep for quite some time. When the critters go crazy like that, well it only means one thing. It means someone is at the front door. I reached for the light in the dark. I stumbled through the kitchen, and held my breath as I opened the swinging door into the front room. I then completely lost my breath when I realized SOMEONE was actually standing there out in the darkness beyond the front door window panes.

It was my best friend July. She came with beers in hand to give me my Christmas Present! It was only early October, but I have since become a believer that true best friends have a hard time keeping a secret or hiding a gift until Christmas. A few weeks ago, I had given her a gift intended for Christmas, The Homesteaders Portfolio, a most awesome book written by Alice Day Pratt, a Single Gal Homesteader who lived near Post Oregon some 90 years ago.

american truck

She was here to deliver the American Truck Tin Box containing my new American Truck Stainless Steel Knife (made in China) and my new American Truck Pocket Watch. I about died again. I LOVED it! I happen to have a thing for BIG Trucks, and the giant mural of a big ol’ log truck hanging in my living room, well goes without saying.

We cracked open our beers. We gabbed & gabbed. When you live in a wonderful little tight community, well you usually have to pick & choose what you talk about & with who you talk about it with. But not with July, helles bells, you can really truly speak, yell, and cry your heart out.

Just about a week back, I happened on July at about 2:30 am. Things were coming to a halt with the most recent man. I layed under my covers and called July crying, and she actually answered her phone at 2:30 freaking a.m.! That girl consoled me, made me laugh, and keep my damn spirits up until 4:30 a.m.

We even came up with a little “New Rules to Dating List”.

#2. Don’t let a Man move-in until after the first month!

#4. When the Man starts making all sorts of big plans, say, “Oh, that sounds nice, but you know we are JUST DATING.”

#5. Hide him from the community for at least the first 3 months. (It can be a little overwhelming for a guy to meet the whole dang county right off the bat, which is pretty much what happens around here!)

#16. You are NOT allowed to say, “You are the Man I have been waiting for.”

#20. Be with a Man who LOVES his mother, but if He LIVES with her, Run the other way!

I could handle life again, I could get through getting my little heart broken, and I could move forward. You know, best friends even help each other build fence (which is honestly not one of my favorite activities). This weekend we are going to tackle a good 150 feet of goat fence constructing at my place, and build dog run at her place. With a friendship like that, well, you can survive the broken dreams you had created with the last man who came around. We both secretly hope a man will one day stick around, but until then, and I am sure even during & after then, this treasured friendship will still be getting me through the thick & thin of it all.

It’s not everyday you get to find a friendship like that!



  1. Amber said,

    That’s awesome! Good friends are hard to come by and worth it all.
    Men…who needs them, right?

  2. tye said,

    Well i havnt landed on your house but i found you i like reading your stories and i loved your rattle snake recipe we dont have them here in portland but i look foward to tryin it i will go out and find a couple of them next summer just to say i did it

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