I ♥ Autumn

October 23, 2009 at 5:55 am (Uncategorized)

sugar pumpkins

Give a girl a couple free sugar pumpkins from her neighbor’s garden and her smile will light up a room, and even light up the kitchen stove for a few hours. It totally made my day, on the drive home, I see this handwritten sign to the left “Free Pie Pumpkins & Squash”. I literally slammed on the brakes. I ran over and grabbed 3 little sweet orange pie pumpkins from a pile of at least 30.

Then I get home and open my mail box and my little faux birdies were in there waiting for me. I think these are the most expensive fake craft birds I have ever owned, a good $4/each w/shipping – but hey Halloween is about a week away, and I’d rather not spend a whole Saturday driving into town and randsacking craft stores.

And more good news. A nice lady in town came by City Hall with a 70’s green & blue flowerly pant suit. Well, its more like a jump suit, but she offered it to me as a donation towards my Tippy from the Birds Halloween Costume. It will totally work, if I don’t find that perfect Jackie O style light green suit in time. Somebody, please, send me a vintage 60’s poly style Skirt Suit – Pretty Pretty Please!!! If I do go with the flowerly one, I will most likely alter it though, as I am not sure a unitard pant suit jumper is going to look super hot.

And this Halloween Costume is pretty fitting. A few years ago, when I lived in the Ladd’s Addition neighborhood in SE Portland, I was out walking my little dog, Mimi, and this crow started squawking something terrible from a powerline up above. I kept walking down the alley, and the dang bird flew right into the back of my head and whacked me. I grabbed my 5 pound dog, tucked her in my sweatshirt and ran down 12th Ave as the crow continued to dive bomb me! I was uncomfortable for about a year after that, anytime I walked under crows. I will ad that 7 other people in the neighborhood were attacked that spring, not sure if it was protecting a nest or injured partner, but changed my perspective on the birds, I know understand why a group of  them is referred to as a Murder of Crows!


Tonight I steamed chunks of pumpkin, cut the skins off, and made pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes, recipe is a few blog posts back, and I originally used the word “muffins”, but these are truly cupcakes. https://galwith750acres.wordpress.com/2009/09/28/bartering/

I also roasted pumpkin seeds. I have to say sugar pumpkin seeds are totally the way to go, they are easy to clean and way better seeds then the ones found in giant (useless) carving pumpkins. 

Here’s a link to the Toasting Recipe, oh, and I learned it’s best to boil ’em in Salt Water for 10 minutes before broiling ’em at 400F for 10 minutes: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/toasted_pumpkin_seeds/

country kitchen magazine

Oh, and I picked up some more free copies, someone kindly donated at the Post Office, of “Country Home” & “Country Living” Magazines. It’s like I can’t help but look at all the eye candy and overpriced cottage stuff, but seriously, yeah right, as if! I want to scream at the pictures, and say things like, “Where the hell is the fly paper???” Above is a picture of a faux Country Home Kitchen, and then Below that is a picture of A Real Country Kitchen, where real country things are being cooked up, and notice the fly paper!

My Real Country Kitchen

Another quote that about made me gag from “Country Living” = “I always have a lot of flowers with a fire burning and candles,” says Vicki. “I could live in an empty house as long as it had flowers and candles.”

My reaction: $#&%??? Who the hell is thinking about flowers when it’s 4*F degrees outside. I think I would take a cozy bed next to the woodstove, over an empty house filled with flowers anyday! Why do I let myself read these magazines?!?



  1. hartage said,

    Halloween decorations, cupcakes and real country kitchens. An independent gal that earns her own way yet has warmth by the truckload. An amazing woman with so much to offer !

  2. Amber said,

    Flowers…yay! We still need to come see your place. Work is a bit nuts right now. Maybe after the new year…so far away.
    I love autumn too. Made pumpkin pie for work yesterday. Pumpkin and spice…best smell EVER.

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