Rainy Day Projects

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andrea working in the rain

I love rainy days out here, cuz well, we don’t get them too often! So, I welcome a watering of the orchard and a chance to slow down and work on some projects around the house. I threw on my pink raincoat &  a trucker hat, to take of a few things outside, then started in on painting this ol’ $2 desk I recently picked up at a “Fire Sale” at Camp Davidson near Suttle Lake.

Miss July & I were on our way back from a 24 whirlwind trip into Portland/ Salem/Redmond, and I had to beg her to stop, turn around and follow a twisty little road to the Big Estate/Garage Sale. It was a total score, and once we went inside, I could tell she was glad she had a friend like me to nag her about these kinda things. I picked up 5 endtable/nightstands for $1 each, then a matching desk for $2. I am using some left over wheatgrass yellow paint that I used on the upstairs bedrooms, to paint the desk into my new sewing table. Ya can’t beat $2 projects, ya really can’t!




sewing table

Aaaahh. All I can say, is it’s really nice to be back to having Fridays off for a while. And I so totally deserve it, after working 6 days a week this past summer. But, when you have an extra day off, you certainly don’t have any extra $, so you gotta be creative in ways to entertain yourself, as long as I have some free pumpkins, a $2 table, scraps of fabric, and nine animals running arond, well, it’s pretty dang hard to get bored!


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  1. Amber said,

    That’s a great sewing table. Giving me some rainy day project ideas. Unfortunately, that’s about ALL we’ll have for the next few months.

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